Whatever next - Peterborough chippy gets RSS

Until recently, WebTwitcher has been concentrating her efforts on bringing you, dear readers, the best from the web 2.0 world. The top content, the RSS feeds, the latest news, the funniest videos. We've covered FHM, Maxim, Google and YouTube. We've brought you the latest from Facebook, from Mac and now...brace yourself, you may need to sit down for this one...Fryz fish and chip shop in Peterborough.

Proving that the British still lead the world when it comes to technology innovation, Fryz takes its customers on a sumptuous web feast, with a slick website, blog and accompanying RSS button for easy subscription.

You may not have won the 'Fish & Chip Shop of the Year' competition this time round guys, but if WebTwitcher was giving out web awards, you'd certainly get a plaice on my shortlist!


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