What'are yous lookin' at?

Now as you’ll be aware if you read this page with any regularity, we’re big fans of the GTA series, and sandbox open world games in general. As such, to slake our unquenchable thirst for third-person crime-‘em-ups in city settings, we’ll pretty much turn our hand to anything until Rockstar’s latest instalment comes out. Which will probably be a long old time, from the looks of it.

However, a game that has tickled our interest gland is Mafia 2, in which you star as Vito Scaletta, a young ‘un in the Italian mob of the fictional Empire City. Best of all it’s set in the 1950s, which means cool cars, dapper suits and Tommy guns, as well as super-cool accents. Having looked at an extended gameplay trailer on YouTube, we can confirm that far from being a cheap GTA knock-off (although obviously it owes a huge debt), it has a feel and atmosphere of its own, and the jobs are pleasingly reminiscent of the cheap hustles rackets that populate your favourite gangster flicks.

Joystiq has had a bit of time with the game (and spoke with the creators) and is less than complimentary about the combat, but gives it the thumbs up on every other score. So fingers crossed they can tart up the fighting a bit more before its release.

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