Find the perfect broadband package today!

Those of you are are thinking of getting broadband for the first time may be confused as to what broadband is. Essentially, broadband is a faster connection to the internet, which allows for much quicker transfer of information. Broadband is significantly faster than other dial-up connections to the internet, which were common in homes before broadband became widely available. Now, most broadband packages offer download speeds of 512kbps or higher. 

As well as the fact that the downloading and uploading of information is quicker with a broadband connection, there are other advantages. First, dial-up connections operate through your phone line, which means that you have to have a phone line in your house or apartment and pay for line rental and possibly installation too. This also means that your phone line is tied up when you use the internet. With broadband, you can still make and receive calls while on the internet, as it operates through digital cables. Secondly, broadband is always on, which means you don't need to re-connect or dial up every time you need to check your email.

Considerations when choosing a broadband package

  • Do you need a contract for a set period, or would you prefer a more flexible, shorter contract?
  • Do you need wireless internet, for more than one computer?
  • Do you need parental control services?
  • Is there any connection charge?
  • Do you want to have a combined phone/tv/broadband package? Is this more cost-effective?
  • What is the monthly cost and what does that include?
  • Are there download limits?

  Remember to shop around to get the best value and most suitable broadband package for you.

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