What to do if your iPhone falls in water

Whether your phone falling into water is a fear or a reality, there’s no need to worry as it can be sorted out. We’ll tell you what to do if your iPhone falls into water so you’re prepared to act fast when trouble hits.
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Fixing water damaged iPhone

There are lots of tricks that people pass onto one another about how to fix a water-damaged phone. Some ideas, like putting the phone into rice, sound pretty silly but you might be surprised how affective that can be.

Step 1

The first thing to do when your phone is damaged by water is to remove it from the bath, toilet or puddle it’s landed in. Be very careful and don’t think about plugging it in or switching it on if it’s off, as this may cause a short circuit.

Step 2

If it’s in a case, remove your iPhone from it and then take the SIM card out. Removing the battery at this stage is also a good idea, but as all iPhone users know this isn’t an easy task so it’s not something we recommend for water damaged devices.

Step 3

Wipe away any excess liquid. Turn the device upside down and gently shake it to remove water from ports and sockets. During this stage you should also power down the device, assuming it’s on. Leaving it to run out of battery is the ideal option but the chances are that you’ll get a call or notification so you should briefly wake the phone and then switch it off.

Step 4

Don’t use a hair dryer or anything else hot to remove the water as this could cause damage to the iPhone’s components. Instead you’ll need to use uncooked rice which will soak up the remaining moisture. This is the part that people tell each other in offices without really qualifying. You’ll need to cover the device completely with uncooked rice and leave it for 48 hours. Be warned though that you might get dust in some of the ports so be careful when you put the phone in and when you take it out.

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