What to do if your iPhone falls in the water

It has probably happened to you. You are in a hurry or are fond of putting your phone in the back pocket of your denims or skirt. By accident, you go to the loo and forgot it’s there. Then the unthinkable happens and your iPhone lands in the water. We tell you what to do if your iPhone falls in the water.

Steps to take

There is nothing more horrifying than seeing your precious iPhone come in contact with water. Here are tips what to do if your iPhone falls in the water.

  • Fish it out immediately

Even if your phone fell in the toilet bowl or in mud, make sure to retrieve it immediately or as soon as humanly possible.

  • Shut it down

Once you get hold of your beloved device, shut it down immediately by holding the power button for a few seconds.

  • Dry the phone

Make sure to dry all the parts of the iPhone. Once it is out of the water, remove the protective case and cover because these can trap moisture. Use an absorbent towel to dry all the parts of the iPhone such as the power button, microphones and jacks.

You can also use an ear tip to get in hard to reach areas. Wait for at least 36 hours. It would even be better if you can leave the phone to dry out for at least 48 hours to allow excess water and moisture to dissipate. A proven trick is to seal it in a bag of rice. Remember how salt containers have rice grains in them? The principle is the same. By sealing your iPhone in a zip loc, moisture will be locked out.

Have it checked out

Your chances of getting your device work normally depends on several factors such as how long it was immersed or whether it was soaked in salt or normal water. Although your iPhone will probably work or is as good as new once moisture is eliminated, it’s better to have the machine checked by a certified Apple technician. Even if you know what to do if your iPhone falls in the water, a professional check up is always a good idea especially if you have extended warranty. Better still, make sure not to put your iPhone in your pockets where it could fall out.

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