What to check when assessing home cinema systems

What type of home cinema system should you buy? It can be difficult to find the right home cinema system that suits your living room and which delivers the best sound quality due to the wide range of options available in the market. However, when assessing home cinema system reviews, there are basic things you can check to identify the best system for you.

Check extra speakers

The best home cinema systems not only deliver high quality audio, but also clear dialogue and realistic surround-sound effects. High quality surround-sound effects are made possible by, among other things, extra speakers. Look out for extra speakers when assessing home cinema system reviews before you buy.

A basic home cinema has the 2.1 system set-up, which has two speaker sets on either side of your television (on the left and right) and a subwoofer placed somewhere else in the room. A 3.1 system has three speaker sets, one of which is an extra front speaker to boost dialogue sound.

The 5.1 systems set up has two rear speakers, three front speakers, a subwoofer and a Blu-ray and/or DVD player, while the 7.1 systems has two more rear speakers added to the 5.1 layout.

Both 2.1 and 3.1 systems significantly improve the sound of TV speakers, but you won’t get the full home surround sound experience. Go for the 5.1 systems set up or the 7.1 systems that have extra speakers to enjoy full surround sound effects.

Check system set up

Check the installation instruction manuals and auto set-up modes of the home surround system you identify before you buy. If wiring up several extra speakers and positioning them around your living room is intimidating, consider sound systems with optional wireless speakers. Sound systems with optional wireless speakers are easier to set up.

Check ease of use

Finally, check ease of use when assessing home cinema system reviews to identify the best system for you. Your home cinema system should be a breeze to operate. Look out for system control features, including the home theater remote control.

Remote controls offered by leading home cinema system brands range from non-backlit ones that come together with the system components to universal remote controls that cost a few pounds. Buy an affordable system that offers the greatest ease of use to enjoy maximum value for your money.

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