What the ministers trunks say about their policies

Highlight of the political calendar is of course summertime, when our leaders get the rare opportunity to show off their honed physiques (which apparently need working on if we're to compete on a global stage with the Governor of California) and unveil the latest in swimwear. Tony and Dave have been jostling for column inches this week in what appears to be the party showdown of the year so far: Who has the best trunks?

WebTwitcher is inclined to think that Dave's choice from the gentlemanly Boden men's range speaks volumes about his drive to include more walks of society into the Conservative coop. A steal at just £22, he's the people's man in his flowered choice. The words "inclusion", "women in politics" and "hoodie love" spring to mind.

Tony, on the other hand, has opted for a more exclusive little number, flowery though it may be. Pushing the ministerial boat out at £90 or so, the Vilebrequin bathing bloomers give him an aloof air, more in control, even when running the country from the beach. He's making the transition from guitar-playing Cool Britannia to seriously experienced but still approachable. No messing Mr Blair.

Can't wait for next year - hopefully leopard skin won't be back in fashion. I don't think the voting public could live down the shame of our then premier playing volleyball in revealing D&G animal print.


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