What is the the top Dell printer?

Buying a printer should not be an easy process. Firstly you need to make sure that you compile a list of what you most need from your printer and then it is time to go shopping. If you had a Dell printer in mind then we can help you out by running through the features of their top 3 printers. Then you just match these features to your printer wish list and you will have the printer you need.

Dell 1350CNW Colour Laser Printer

This printer can handle large volumes of both black text or colour prints so is highly flexible. The only drawback with it is that it prints at a slow rate but you are offsetting this against very high quality prints. Costing around £110 this printer is great value.

Dell 1720 Mono Laser Printer

This little printer is a mid-range, fast and efficient machine that will meet most of your printing needs. It has been clocked at a rate of 13 pages per minute for plain black text prints which means no hanging around for prints to be completed. As it is a mono printer the quality is top class and text always comes out sharp and clear. It is a little bit slow though for colour prints so if you need colour then it will probably disappoint. Priced at around £90 this product is value for money.

Dell 3110cn

This is a large printer for those of you in business who need high quality colour prints. This Dell printer has four individual toner cartridges and can produce 4,000 pages from one colour cartridge. This printer suffers a bit with plain black text however as it prints black a little lighter than desired.

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