What is the best colour label printer for you?

A colour label printer may seem like an extravagance for small businesses like yours, but it can actually be the key to opening the door to large opportunities. With this type of printer, you will be able to make your products more professional looking with its neat and full colour labels. No more penned or marked labels for you!


Brother is one of the world’s most popular printer manufacturers. In terms of label printing, it has two series available – P-Touch Labelling Machines and QL Label Printers.

QL label printers boast of affordable pricing, compact desktop design and a nice range of features that include having a built-in cutter. There are three models available in this series, with QL-570 as the most basic and priced at just £130.

The P-Touch electronic labelling machines, on the other hand, are portable units that produce durable labels for a variety of purposes. Its garden labelling series can produce outdoor-friendly or weatherproof labels. The industrial series, on the other hand, is good for businesses that require laminated labels, whilst its electrical range is sure to keep everything safer and more organised with its electrical shockproof labels. A basic industrial P-touch electronic labelling machine can cost you as little as £382.


There are currently two colour label printer models available from Etiquette: the LX400 and LX810. You can find a helpful comparison guide on its official website. The LX400 can basically produce labels with a maximum width of 4 inches, whilst the LX810, priced at £480 (not including VAT), can produce labels with a maximum width of 8 inches.

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