What is Facebook and why are its users revolting

...in the revolutionary sense of the word, not in the disgusting sense. WebTwitcher is sure that Facebook users are all, at least, easy on the eye...

A not so quiet revolution is currently happening online. Facebook - a social networking site centred around school, college and university relationships - decided, in its wisdom, to change the rules about online privacy. For simplicity's sake, lets just say that before there was online privacy, then overnight this was stealthily altered by the introduction of a new alert service.

Not thinking much of a backlash would be caused, the Facebook team was, to put it lightly, caught off guard by the Woodstock-esque online rioting, reminiscent of 1960's protests. So, if Facebook doesn't restore it's previous levels of privacy, users will abscond en-masse. The virtual mobbing has been so swift it is quickly topping the news agenda. Reuters has a good overview, and if you want the hottest discussions from the blogshere check out Technorati.

WebTwitcher wants to know if you sign up for the protests...keep us informed! Long live the people's Web 2.0!


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