What is a dot matrix printer?

A dot matrix printer is a type of printing device that is plugged to a computer to allow printing out of materials like texts and drawings or even pictures. This type of printer is so called because of the way the device prints using a dot matrix. Since the dot matrix printer strikes the ink ribbon, that is prints by impact on the printing medium, example paper, it can also be called impact matrix printer.

If the text or printed drawing printed with a dot matrix printer was zoomed and looked at, you would see how a printed line, like that making up a letter, is in fact a series of dots one closely after the other. The dots are made by a fine metal rod present on the dot matrix printer head.

The first models of the dot matrix printer were introduced in the seventies. Until the 1990’s, the dot matrix type of printer was the most widely used with PCs. Nowadays however the dot matrix printer is not as popular since this type of device does not produce high quality output in addition to being relatively slow compared to newer types of printers. On top of those disadvantages, the dot matrix printer is very noisy.

It would be real injustice to these reliable machines than to omit their strong points; indeed they are very strong pieces of hardware and the printing cost is lower than for any other type of printer. If the printed content is the sought result, then a dot matrix is the printer for the job. Where quality is important, another type of printer should be preferred.

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