What does Apple's 'day brightening' event have in store

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So it’s that time again. When Apple lay on an ‘event’. But let’s face facts, it doesn’t have quite the same messianic quality as when Steve Jobs was still at the helm, gliding across the stage in a figure hugging black polo neck and blessing the masses with the latest bit of designer tech .

The event at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters tomorrow promises to "brighten everyone's day". Perhaps not the most convincing or appetising soundbite we’ve ever heard, but the day brightening will be shown in Europe via satellite link and to a group of guests in China for the first time.

But Apple definitely need to maximise this platform. With their share price down from $700 a year ago to $500 today, with Samsung snapping at their heels, with unforgiving market analysts ready to smell the blood of the post Jobs age and with no breakthrough new development on the horizon, what can we actually expect from the gurus of tech tomorrow?

Well, a cheaper "iPhone 5C" – with the same screen size as the iPhone 5, but with a tough plastic back, and in multiple colours, including strawberry red, blue, lime green, yellow and white that will possibly be the extent of the ‘day brightening’ extravaganza.

Then we can expect the Jonathan Ive designed iOS 7software, the possible rollout of iTunes radio, and possibly a fresh load of iPod updates. There is also rumoured to be a new wave of developments on the Apple TV front.

But it does look like this much vaunted event may come up a bit short of the expectations that generally surround Apple greeting its public. A new iPad is unlikely to surface – at least for the moment, and there is no real sign of any announcements of new computers.

How the market and Apple’s cult following will react remains to be seen


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