What does a Trojan virus do?

Hopefully you’re not looking for an answer to the question: what does a Trojan virus do? because your computer’s got one. If your computer’s acting a little weird and pop-ups keep randomly appearing, perhaps your computer is under attack by a Trojan horse virus.
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What is a Trojan virus?

They present themselves as routine and useful pieces of code that temp the user into installing them unwittingly. This type of virus gets into your computer and lay dormant for a while. It’s a type of malware program so it’s full of malicious code that will eventually execute. The sort of damage caused by a Trojan virus can include loss or theft of data or you could be looking at a virus that will destroy your system. They can sometimes act as a backdoor which gives unauthorised access to your system to another user.


Unfortunately this is a form of virus that’s difficult to detect. The tell-tale signs often include a system that’s running slow at start up or at other times. If you open task manager and check the processor speed, you’ll see heavy processor usage but nothing happening on screen. Trojans don’t try and inject themselves into another computer file like a computer worm does but they’re just as deadly.

Check add/remove program

You should also look into the add/remove program screen on your PC as this lists everything that’s been installed. You get to this through Start->Settings->Control Panel. Check for anything you don’t recognise and then Google the name to see if it’s a virus. Put the name of the program into Google and follow that with the words “Trojan horse” and you’ll soon find out whether the program you don’t remember installing is malicious or not.

To remove it

To remove any malicious programs use the add/remove tool described above. With some programs, this function doesn’t work because the programmer doesn’t want you to remove it. If that’s the case, you’ll need to use your anti-virus software. Carry out a scan and then remove the unwanted program when your antivirus quarantines it.

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