What do those pesky students get up to online

The university term has kicked off in style this year, with many new web services for the intrepid scholar. Even the National Union of Students (NUS) has embraced RSS technology and added a feed to its website. If you're a new, seasoned or mature student, or if you just want a taster of what the pesky students are getting up to with your hard earned tax money (although to be fair, we can't really complain about that anymore with the tuition fee introduction, can we??) read on.

First up, take a look at Need2Know, which will give you an excellent lowdown on all aspects of student life, including a handy guide on how to survive as a fresher. Add the RSS feed to your MIX for regularly updated news. There's also a new UK-based social networking site, hot off the production line and ready to be abused by beer-swilling Shakespeare scholars. Check out UniVillage.com, where currently all new members get 50 free music downloads. With budgeting high on the student agenda, a visit to Student Discounts is definitely worthwhile.

Trying to find a part time job to help fund your studies? Take a look at JustJobs4Students and Excite's Job search service for some inspiration.

For general information there are a plethora of handy sites well worth a peek. Student Zone will give you a generic overview with useful links, Student Depression offers guidance for tackling student blues, while the Home Office provides hints and tips on staying safe around campus. WebTwitcher also feels it's her duty to point out the student information page on the TV Licensing website. Enough said. Finally, the National Student news portal will also give a taster of what student life is like in Britain.

One thing that seems to be sadly lacking online is a gallery for posting the comedy photos of cheekily placed traffic cones. A timeless student prank which WebTwitcher is sure still reigns popular. If you spot any websites recording the best student gags, let me know!


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