What are the best sale prices on Nintendo Wii games?

Sales on Nintendo Wii games

Looking online you can find a lot of sites with discounted Wii games on them, or you can look in stores such as Game to look at pre-owned games. People tend to sell their old games when they have completed them, or when a new version comes out, especially if it's a sports sim.

If your looking for games to play with friends and don't mind that its not the latest version then you will be able to pick up games cheap and still have fun with them.


Game has a wide selection of pre-owned games and they are checked before they are bought by the store. Game offers a warranty on the games that you buy so you can be safe in the knowledge that if the game is faulty you can return it and get a replacement.

They do have sales on the new games at different times of the year, so it is worth checking in store to get the best prices.


Gamestation has regular sale prices on Nintendo Wii games. They offer discounts on the new releases, as do many of the major retailers, they also have the pre owned games sections and offer the same type of warranty on their pre owned games.

The new games start at £28 and the pre-owned games start at £5. as mentioned before the pre-owned games are usually slighter older versions of sports sims, or older games in general, but again if you are looking for something to play with friends, or its a game that you missed first time again, then you can pick them up cheaply in the pre-owned sales.

It is possible to pick up games cheaply for other sources, and in a sale for Nintendo Wii games. Places such as CEX and now even HMV also discount the games quite a lot and allow people to pick up games cheaply when they are available.

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