What are the best cordless phones

If you're getting ready to bring your house bang up to date with a new cordless phone, then you'll want to keep reading this blog as we've rounded up some of the best cordless phones on the market right now in an attempt to try to find out which one is top dog. So don't go splashing the cash until you've read our reviews!

The first phone up is the Doro PhoneEasy 105wr, £44.99. This breathtaking white cordless is perfect for a novice operator as it strives to keep things simple with a range of big easy to use buttons and an easy to read font for people who suffer from visual impairments. When it comes to extras, it's well stocked too! It's a two way speakerphone with a range of cheerful and loud ringtones. It's the perfect phone to pick up as a gift for an elderly relative!

The next phone we're going to recommend is the Siemens Gigaset C300A, £49.95. This phone is wrapped up in a package that really looks like it should cost more! It contains a broad variety of easy to use functions that are all intuitive and simple to use. Extras include a text messaging programme, an alarm clock option and even an integrated answering machine.

Next, we suggest checking out the BT Synergy 6500, £62.99. While it may be the most expensive phone we recommend to you today, the extra cost is borne out in a range of fantastic options. It contains a sim card reader so you can seamlessly copy over contacts from your mobile phone. No longer will you have to manually input lots of pesky numbers!

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