What are the best car games out there?

If you are a driving game fanatic and you are looking for a new game to check out, then we have rounded up a few suggestions for you for the best car games and where you can find them online for the best price. So let's go drive you a hard bargain!

Driving game fans have never had it better than they do now. The market is awash with brilliant driving games, so much so that respectable titles like last year's Blur and Split/Second are mere footnotes in a crowded marketplace! We are going to start off today with a classic driving game that may have passed you by.

The Need for Speed franchise has been going for years, but for us, the best entry into it so far came six years ago for Xbox 360, and that game was Need for Speed Most Wanted. In the game, you must race in dangerous street racing events in an attempt to win back your car from the man who won it from you unfairly. It can be picked up for just £20 from play.com and it is well worth checking out!

Next, we recommend you check out the peerless Gran Turismo 5, which is currently available for just £29.99 from play.com. This game is easily the most realistic racing sim out there with hundreds of intricately modelled cars and tracks. It is a feast for the eyes, with unbelievable gameplay.

Finally, if you like your car games arcadey, then you need to check out Burnout Paradise, which is available for both Xbox 360 and PS3. It can be purchased for just £14 from thehut.com which represents an unbelievable bargain!


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