What are the best accessories on the Nintendo black Wii console?

Nintendo black Wii console

This console is very popular with groups of people wanting to play together. The majority of games, such as Wii Sport, are designed to be played by the whole family, or brought out for crazy party games. It does cater for single players and online multi-player experiences as well.

There are a great many accessories, both official and 3rd party that can be purchased to bring a new level of gaming experiences to all players.

Official Accessories

Nintendo have released a series of accessories for the Nintendo black Wii console, including the Motion Plus and Wii Zapper, as well as the hugely popular Balance Board. The majority of these accessories are white they are fully compatible with the black system.

The Wii Wheel

The Wii wheel, a steering wheel which houses the Wii Remote, is designed to work as a normal gaming wheel would, but remains cable free, allowing for the Wii to retain its main selling point of wireless gaming.

Wii Fit and the Balance board

When the Wii Fit and Balance board were announced no one could of predicted how successful it would turn out to be.

Introduced to audiences in 2007 it became an instant hit thanks to the Wii Fit platform. It allowed people to follow a work out process whilst also feeling like they were playing games and enjoying themselves.

The Balance Board also had other games that played on the balance aspect. This lead to many parties spent laughing at others as they fell over or realised that their balance wasn't quite as god as they thought it actually was.

Third Party

A lot of companies also produced accessories that could be used with the Wii. These accessories were mainly a gamepad that looked and operated like the old style gaming pads, but again were wireless.

They also produced a series of 'add ons', for the Wii Remote, these consisted largely of a golf club, or a racket head, accessories that could be used with Wii Sports in order to make the experience feel that little more real.

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