Whadda'youse lookin' at?

Some nice gameplay footage of Mafia 2 has surfaced on YouTube, after someone in the Czech Republic had a chat with the developer about the cars. As you can see if you watch (don’t worry about the language issue, you can see everything that they’re doing while they talk), there is a whole range of customising options for your in-game motor, and you can even do some under the bonnet work yourself, although we are convinced by the idea you can shoot up an engine and fix it yourself.

The driving physics look pretty cool, and each car is clearly differentiated from the other, with nippy sporty cars doing ace donuts, complete with nice smoke graphics. Sweet. However, from what we can see of the combat system, it look very slow, and quite tricky to find the target easily. Whether this is actually a bad thing remains to be seen.

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