Were your relatives shipped to Oz for burning clothes?

Ever wondered if your relatives were sent to Australia for crimes including heifer stealing? Now you can find out on Ancestry.co.uk. It's apparently the largest family history website with millions of records available, now including the thousands of British convicts sent to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries.

WebTwitcher loves family history stories. There are always a few amusing characters lurking in the background: great great grandmothers of ill repute gambling away family fortunes for a bottle of gin, long lost uncles terrorising local residents with crazy chemical inventions and the like (and that's just one side of the family).

Reading on WebUser, Ancestry.co.uk spokesman Josh Hanna said, "This is the first time that these unique records have ever been brought together in one place online, making them accessible to so many. While Australia's convict history itself has been well documented, there are thousands of individual stories in the collection just waiting to be told.”

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