We're exc-i-ted

Ah, iPhone games. They're great fun and often addictive, whether you're throwing birds with catapults or helping trains carry paint around. But don't you sometimes want something a bit more like the big-console experience? With state-of-the-art, 3D graphics? And some good old-fashioned ultraviolence?

If so, rejoice, for Rage HD has arrived. This first-person shooter has imepeccable heritage: it comes from Id Software, makers of the legendary Doom and Quake. It features graphics that really seem too good to be on a little phone, and a tilt-control system which actually works.

Best of all, Rage HD is just £1.50 from the iTunes Store. There is one downer, though: it's a massive 746MB, so make sure there's some spare space on your phone first.

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