Well, This Seems Like A Sensible Use For A State-of-the-Art Phone

How was your summer? We had a great time. We went to the beach and took lots of pictures with our new camera.

Including some pictures of our friend Hannah, who we have a massive crush on. She looks great in her swimsuit. But wouldn't it be exciting if we could somehow delude ourselves that she was naked?

Yeah, I know: bit weird, isn't it? Perhaps it's just supposed to be a harmless giggle, but this new iPhone app Bubbler gives us the creeps.

You upload a picture of someone in their swimwear, and it covers it with a blue filter. Then you punch holes in the filter to reveal as much skin as you can without revealing any fabric. Bingo! A weird pervy picture of your friend.

Yeah, makes that 24-month contract totally worth it.

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