'We'd be idiots not to do more online'

Now that FIFA has officially overtaken PES in the console football stakes, it’s clear that we need to keep abreast of what’s going to be happening for future instalments. So it’s just as well that FIFA producer Dave Rutter has let everyone know what’s coming; online, and lots of it.

‘I think online is very important,’ he said to CVG. ‘We have a ridiculous number of people playing FIFA online every day.

‘We've had almost 300 million games of FIFA played online since launch and it's not let up. It's just constant. That's really nice and yeah, we'd be idiots not to do more online stuff.

‘When the community guys were over in Vancouver it was during the Champions League final and we went from 40,000 people playing FIFA online to zero in the space of five minutes when the game kicked off.

‘Then at half-time it went back up again to 20,000, then back down to zero for the second half and then back up again to 45,000 at the end of that match. So we have a TV in the office now so we can spot server outages, see who's playing and where.’

And as if that wasn't enough, here's a little teaser trailer for the new instalment, FIFA 10, which is out on 2 October.

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