WebTwitcher web word of the week, wilfing

Are you a wilfer? If you're male, the chances are pretty high.

If you, like the regular UK web user, spend an average of two days each month navigating the net without any real purpose, you can now certify yourself as a wilfer.

Men are bigger wilfers than women (WebTwitcher could have told you that without looking at the survey results) - apparently the nation's new favourite past time according to a survey conducted by MoneySupermarket.com. No surprises then that the main cause of wilf-like behaviour are all those glittering, shiny online retailers luring us away from our general purpose for surfing.

Which, being somewhat of a realist, one would have to concede is likely to be searching for smut and weirdness.

Anyway, WebTwitcher is now off for a quick wilf with fellow wilfers who enjoy wilfing as much as she does. Although WebTwitcher does it faster than most as the majority of the sites she likes to wilf around are on her MIX page, and therefore can be seen at a glance.

It's all about webtime management these days don't you know!


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