WebTwitcher on La Dolce Vita at BarCamp Rome

WebTwitcher was living La Dolce Vita this weekend in Rome, attending a supersized geek event called BarCamp. Think lots of bloggers, lots of web developers and lots of long beards. But, it being Rome, there was more than a scattering of eye candy to entertain as the presentations flowed thick and fast. If you're interested in a snap shot of what goes on at a technology "unconference" read on...

The overall feel from the event was that the tech sector in Italy is flourishing and ideas are rapidly transforming into start ups.

The hot topics of the day focused largely on Citizen journalism: The blogsphere in Italy is highly influential in many subjects, from politics through to technology. Many of Italy’s most notable Bloggers were present at RomeCamp including:

Luca Conti (Pandemia)

Diego Bianchi (La Z di Zoro)

Andrea Beggi

Emanuele Quintarelli

Antonio Sofi (Webgol)

Lele Dainesi (Mash-Ups in Italy)

Alberto d'Ottavi (Infoservi)

Discussion also surrounded what web 2.0 adoption means for businesses in Italy, the opportunities available to developers in the country for both national and international initiatives and how the buzz surrounding web 2.0 is affecting the country’s tech community.

RSS aggregation and the personalised start page sector was also a hot topic, following the recent launch of Excite MIX’s Italian site.

Companies present at BarCamp Rome and currently making a noise in Italy include:

FaceTag - a working prototype of a semantic collaborative tagging tool conceived for bookmarking information architecture resources. It aims to show how the flat keywords space of user-generated tags can be effectively mixed with a richer faceted classification scheme to improve the system information architecture.

PassPack – a free, secure online password manager.

TVBlob - Innovative TV communications platform that facilitates voice, video, data and mobile communications, so that anyone, anywhere can not only receive TV, but also push it back out in high TV quality.

Yours truly, Excite MIX – the user friendly personalised homepage designed to make RSS accessible, understandable and above all, useful for consumers. We also launched our new Italian channel dedicated to everything web 2.0. You'll need to have been to more than Pizza Express if you fancy following it though, as it's currently only available in Italian ;-D

2spaghi – The recommendation engine for restaurants in Italy where users can discover and choose dining destinations online…the Amazon of the restaurant world.

See the photos from the event on Flickr. If you're interested you can also see an excellent video report of the event from Nicola Mattina (prize to the reader who spots WebTwitcher first).

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