WebTwitcher launches Google Video with Shakira award

This week sees the launch of yet another Google service, Google Video for the UK, and after scouting around the site, WebTwitcher has noticed an emerging trend for posting up spoof music videos. Especially Shakira ones. Why does dressing up in pink and wearing a blonde wig fascinate the fellas so much? Well, I'm glad it does because it's produced a disturbing number of comedy videos...there are a lot of people out there with way too much time on their hands...

So, to help Google celebrate the launch, WebTwitcher has announced its own prestigious Google Video Awards (sorry, all judging now closed, did it this morning) and today's category is "Best Spoof of Shakira's new video, Hips Don't Lie".

Bringing up the rear in third position, Topi, sneaks in at number three thanks to the ridiculous costume.

In second place HHG Productions made the grade on the crazy hospital outfit alone...what's that all about??!!

However, snatching the coveted Best Spoof award, and streets ahead of all other contenders...the winner is...Tom and his friends. Watch out for the sexy scene in the lake. Don't forget you can also add Google's top 100 video feed to your MIX too.

Any suggestions for next week's category welcome...


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