WebTwitcher is back from Le Web 3 in Paris

Dear reader, you'll be pleased to hear that WebTwitcher's back, alive and well from Le Web 3 in Paris. So you can quit all the digs asking where your daily dose of web news went as I've been roaming the continent (well, the other side of the channel at least) to bring you, hot off the press, a bird's eye view of how you'll be using the internet in the near future.

And what, you rightfully ask is Le Web 3? Well, I'll be posting a full report of the event later on, but to wet your appetites it was a conference about the future of the web and what we can expect to be seeing from internet giants and innovative start ups alike over the coming year. Bloggers from across Europe were there in full force, as were the press and a scattering of politicians. More about that later - suffice to say it was quite a mixed bag!

With a gorgeous Parisian backdrop (the Eiffel Tower's funky fairy lights for Christmas are excellent and the Louvre was...huge), Le Web 3 comprised 70 speakers from 47 countries, crammed into a two day programme. Subjects covered were as diverse as the speakers and guests - ranging from the blogshpere's guru David Sifry, founder of Technorati, Lorraine Twohill (Google's first lady of marketing in Europe) and Brent Hoberman, Co-founder of LastMinute, right through to the surprise drop in by Shimon Peres, (yes you read that right) the Israeli Vice Premier.

WebTwitcher was there taking a good look at what's going on so I can update you, web fans, on what to watch out for in the coming year. Stay tuned today for a run down of the best.


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