WebTwitcher backs Get Hoff to Number One

As regular readers will know, WebTwitcher is a particular fan of The Hoff, so it is with great excitement I read about the campaign to Get Hoff to Number 1. The original campaign started off back in April, but has since exploded into the public domain via several very high profile backers including The Sun and Scott Mills' Radio 1 show, so WebTwitcher feels she should be doing her bit for the cause.

All those of you dear readers who are thrilled with the prospect of the Hoff moving to London, England, and who fully enjoy his musical repertoire, should without a doubt by his single, which WebTwitcher alerted your attention to back in July. See the video Jump in My Car on Google Video, and be astounded.

What is there left to say? Get Hoff to Number 1 in the UK now! (If you want a daily dose of Hoff I've also found another great feed from The Daily Hasselhoff you can add to your MIX page.)


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