Web users becoming more and more impatient

According to a new report web users are becoming more and more impatient with each passing year. Web usability consultant Jakob Nielson has found that the majority of web users are becoming more ruthless online, navigating to a specific target site, completing a task and then leaving.

Nielson found that the majority of web users go online to carry out a specific task and enjoy a 75% success rate. Internet users also are growing frustrated with applications and widgets on sites which lead to a longer load up time. The stress caused by waiting for a web page to load has to be one of the world's silent killers with the anger threshold for load times being slashed with every passing day.

The good Doctor's findings also seem to sound the death knell for homepages, as the last few years have seen search engines dominate the habits of web users. Between 2004 and 2008 the number of web users that visit content via a homepage has dropped from 40% to 25%. The remaining 75% utilise search engines to locate and then head straight for specific content.

Google is still the market leader in terms of search engines according to Nielson, but their service is far from perfect. He claims that anyone who can develop a more efficient search engine will be in a position to challenge Google's dominance.

Angry internet user

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