Web search for Steve Fossett, Google Earth is trawled

The web community has been asked to join forces with friends and family of the adventurer Steve Fossett to search for him after his single-engined aircraft disappeared last week.

The online search is being organised using Mechanical Turk, a “human intelligence” tool created by Amazon. com and involves web users trawling through Google Earth satellite images to recover evidence.

Fossett, 63, took off in his aircraft from a ranch in Nevada since then, National Guard C-130s and helicopters with thermal imaging equipment have been searching the peaks and deserts of northwest Nevada. After failing to find anything across more than 1,700 square miles (only a fraction of the 10,000 square mile territory) the web community is being asked to sign up to search frame by frame through Google Earth's satellite imagery for the plane. The search is of course throwing up many red herrings, as the area littered with wrecks.

Just a few of Steve Fossetts achievements: first to fly around the world without refuelling and the first person to fly around the world in a balloon.

If you want more information on the satellite imagery search, see Mechanical Turk.

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