Web savvy Euro politicians set blogging trend

An interesting story in this morning's Business Week takes a look at Europe's blogging politicians and how web 2.0 tools - like blogs and podcasts - are becoming increasingly popular as a means of reaching the voting populous (in particular to garner the youth vote).

In the UK you only need to look at what David Cameron and his team have been attempting recently as an example. His blog from a trip to India kicked off a full blogging and and podcast campaign, which is gathering speed and popularity rather than petering out due to lack of success.

It even sparked a spoof video from a rival Labour politician, Sion Simon, whose Webcameron gag did the email rounds a week or so back, and, as predicted, has now been taken off YouTube. Labour also has its share of web-savvy politicians. MP for West Bromwich East Tom Watson has been a web pioneer in terms of online political activities for a number of years now, his blog dating back to March 2003. It's well worth a visit and the RSS feed for the blog can be found below.

And of our European friends? France is an interesting example. The use of blogging as an essential part of a political campaign is rife. Just one of many, former French Finance Minister (now in the running for possible Presidency), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, writes France's second most popular blog. If you're interested, and are a French speaker or Francophile, put the RSS feed on your MIX page for insight into French politics. The number of politicians posting Cameron-style on Dailymotion, the French version of YouTube, is also fast growing and indicative of the growing trend.

WebTwitcher thinks this is an early indicator of how our politicians will be communicating with us in the very near future. Blogging and podcasting provide an instant, immediate and highly personal way to get a message across. This particularly applies to the all important 18-35 age group and it will be interesting to see how the politicians who become successful online will doubtless also garner more voters as a result.


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