Web millionaire at 17, like, Whatever...

Every now and then a new face pops up from the web world: loaded, intelligent...and young. The web teen millionaires.

The latest yoof to emerge victorious from web wheeling and dealing is three year old Ashley Qualls....sorry, couldn't help myself, only joking. 17 year old Ashley Qualls is the smart gal behind WhateverLife, which according to Google Analytics is attracting more than 7 million individuals and 60 million page views a month.

WhateverLife is basically a resource for web layouts, graphics and a web site builder and its business savvy owner has apparently already rejected a $1.5 million buyout offer.

WebTwitcher would like to see a "Former Teenage Web Millionaires - Where Are They Now?" documentary, perhaps in the style of Dragon's Den. One that springs to mind straight away is Benjamin Cohen now the technology correspondent for Channel 4. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg would of course not classify for the show, being way over the hill when he founded the social network at the ripe old age of 21.

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