Web hosting: a how to guide

Web hosting is a service which allows your website to be viewed by others on the internet.

Companies that offer web hosting services provide space on their server that in turn ensures your website visibility on the net. Typically, host companies also provide internet connectivity via data centres – a computer system storage facility - as well as connecting to other servers located in their data centre, known as collocation.

The size and scope of the internet makes web hosting a thriving industry. There are tens of millions of hosting companies to choose from, all seemingly offering the same packages. In reality there are big differences between the types of service you can choose, which depend on the needs of your enterprise and the visibility you want your website to achieve.

On the extremely basic end, many internet users prefer to put up websites through their Internet Service Providers. This is an inexpensive option that includes a small amount of web space which in turn caters to a small amount of traffic. The same can be said of free web hosting, whose only stipulation is that adverts will appear on your website. If you are a blogger hoping to be followed by a few friends, and achieve a small amount of recognition through advertising, these options could work for you: not so for a vibrant business enterprise.

Paid web hosting on the other hand offers a much more advanced service and http://www.ixwebhosting.com/ is one of the most interesting contenders in this realm. Since first hosting customers on a server in someone's living room in 1999 the company has grown exponentially to host over 470,000 sites. This denotes reliability: there is minimum risk of having to change your host once you sign up with ixwebhosting.

Immediate benefits include a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the service. and a personal support agent on hand to ask questions and deliver feedback.

From a technical point of view, ixwebhosting is solid. A tier 3 (n+1) data center ensures that even when the server gets heated, a back-up server is available to step in. UpTime, or, the amount of time your website is available for business, is guaranteed at 99.9% - a tall order for many web hosting companies who do not own their own data centres.

Paid hosting services can include anything from increased bandwidth, e-commerce, CGI access, database maintenance, ASP, SSL, additional server space and more, depending on how much you would like to spend.

Fees can range from a few pounds a month to into the hundreds depending on the complexity of your business’ needs.

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