Web grandmasters target badly behaved bloggers

Interesting reading in the Guardian today about blogging guidelines being formulated by two of the web world's grandmasters.

Apparently reactions were mixed yesterday to the proposed 'bloggers' code of conduct', brainchild of Tim O'Reilly, inventor of the phrase Web 2.0 and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.

More info on the Draft Code of Conduct can be found on Tim's blog, Radar (add the RSS feed to your Excite MIX page for regular insights and updates).

Best quote from the axis of blogging evil so far has to be; "never wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty, but the pig likes it."

WebTwitcher is undecided so far on the proposed code, but apart from pondering a pig wrestling blog, will be watching with curiosity as to how the debate unfolds.


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