Top 3 inexpensive web cams

Web cams are connected to PCs and sometimes laptops in order to facilitate video communication with friends, family or business partners. Even though they seem to be basic PC accessories, not all web cams are the same. Some of them feature microphones, wireless function, Wi-Fi or infra-red function. Here are three web cams to consider if you are on a budget.

Xenta 2 MP Video Web Cam

Priced at only £8.99, this web cam offers excellent quality at a bargain price. The Xenta 2 MP video web cam provides a very clear picture and it comes with a built in microphone. A special feature of this web cam is given by the six lights that light up progressively as the room gets dark. The web cam connects to the PC through a USB 2.0 high speed sensor and can capture pictures up to a resolution of 2560*2048. Other features of these web cams include auto face tracking, automatic exposure control and 26 photo special effects.

Snake Neck 1.3 MP Web Cam

This is a great value plug and play web cam that does not require any installation drivers. The web cam features a fully adjustable swivel snake neck that allows you to position it in virtually any position you want. This feature is very convenient for prolonged conversations. The technical characteristics of this web cam include a 62 degree visual angle, ¼ inch sensor, 3 cm to infinity focus, automatic exposure control, high-speed soft decompression, Pentaflex optical structure and video capture at 30 FPS with VGA. The price of the Snake Neck 1.3 MP web cam is £5.99.

Microsoft LifeCam VX-700 MIC

This is a small web cam that is suitable both for desktop PCs and for laptops. The Microsoft LifeCam VX-700 MIC is one of the plug and play type of web cams and it features a headset with microphone. The camera has a broad IM compatibility, working seamlessly with Yahoo IM and Skype. The price of the Microsoft LifeCam VX-700 MIC is £10.39.

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