We want answers, Jobs

Apple have revealed that they will be holding a press conference tomorrow (10am Pacific Time), after a series of controversies have brought some incredibly bad publicity on the company. We’re hoping they’ll address the issues properly and not whitewash everything with corporate propaganda, but this is Apple, so what are the chances of that, hmm?

First of all (quite apart from changing their infuriating insistence of making everything they make so bloody inflexible), we would like to see them sort this goddamn reception problem with the iPhone 4, which is so fundamental to a new phone that we can’t believe the sloppiness on their part. Secondly some sort of explanation as to why their support forum started deleting posts about an article that claimed it was a problem with all iPhone 4s would be nice.

We’re not holding our breath for any of this, but if you’re listening Apple, when you hold this conference, please bring satisfactory answers, as you’re starting to annoy a rather huge number of people.

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