We try to find bargain laptops for sale UK

More and more people are finding out that if you want to pick up a bargain laptop, then Tesco is the place to go. They may be famed for their groceries more than anything else, but Tesco also provide some bargain laptops for sale UK. So, what are they offering?

Well, Tesco's website at direct.tesco.com is offering free delivery on all of their laptops, and they'll even get it to you the next day if you order before 12pm. They have a range of models, starting out with super cheap netbooks, going all the way up to gaming powerhouses that cost over £1,500.

One laptop that immediately stands out to us as an amazing bargain is the Compaq Presario CQ62-229SA Laptop, which is retailing for £299 at the moment. This laptop is stacked with excellent features and extras, packing 2 GB of RAM and a whopping 500 GB Hard Drive on board for starters.

You'll get Windows 7 Home Premium with this laptop, and it's easily the best operating system out there right now for laptops. It also comes stacked with a vibrant 15.6" screen that displays stunning colour and images. If you like making CDs then you'll also have a CD/ DVD rewriter to play around with built in.

If you're after a quality laptop at the lowest possible price, then we have no hesitation recommending Tesco Direct, as they are the cheapest website in the UK for picking up a brilliant laptop deal.

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