We thought as much

We love the internet - the speed with which news can spread is really impressive. But sometimes the news is wrong, and dumb.

A couple of days ago, the internet went a bit crazy with the news that Playooy were releasing an iPad app. Playboy guru Hugh Hefner confirmed the news in a Tweet, and said, 'Playboy on the iPad will be uncensored.'

This provoked a string of headlines, most just sniggering excitedly at the thought of boobs on Apple's ultra-popular device, but a few pointing out the MONSTROUS HYPOCRISY this demonstrated in Apple's App Store policies. Previously, Apple has forbidden explicit material from the App Store. What shady deal had Hefner made to win this enormous exception, many wondered?

Now, we didn't report this on Digitaledge, you'll have noticed. It seemed a bit odd. For one thing, Playboy already has an iPad app - it has had since last August, containing censored contents from recent magazines. Most of all, we were suspicious about this 'Apple U-Turn' - it's not their style. And we noticed with interest that Hefner said Playboy was 'coming to iPad,' not coming to the App Store per se.

Well, now the situation has been clarified and it's as we suspected: uncensored Playboy is coming to the iPad, but it's not an app, merely a specially-for-iPad version of the Playboy website. Which makes total sense - the web isn't subject to Apple's restrictions, well, apart from the one against Flash video.

For boob-loving iPad owners, there's not a big difference: they'll still have to pay, and still get the full Playboy archive to finger (with the touchscreen!). What it does mean is that there's no sign of Apple loosening up its 'freedom from porn' stance on the App Store; and that everyone in the tech blogosphere needs to engage their brains for a sec before they hit 'publish'...

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