We test out the Apple iPad vs laptops and netbooks

If you are in the market for a new gadget, then you are probably weighing up whether to plump for Apple's new iPad or else a bog standard laptop. Both of these excellent machines have their pros and cons, and in this blog we'll be trying to establish which is better - Apple iPad, laptops or netbooks.

The iPad is a brilliant device for people who plan on using their device on the go quite a lot. It's got a beautiful form, it has a long lasting battery life, and it has wide access to the Apple App Store. It's super convenient too as you never have to wait for your device to boot up either, as you simply run your finger across the bottom of your screen and the device turns straight on.

However, the iPad does come with some limitations. If you are a heavy user of Youtube, then the iPad won't be much use to you as the lack of support for Adobe flash player means it doesn't work on your device. You will also be limited to official apps supplied in the Apple Store, so you won't be able to customise your iPad.

If you have a laptop or netbook, then you won't experience any of these problems. You will have a fully customisable device. You'll be able to use removable storage (which you can't with an iPad). Youtube will be fully usable, and you won't be limited to using Apple's App Store.

In our view, if you want a fashionable product that looks beautiful, then the iPad is a winner. However, when it comes to functionality, we much prefer the options available from your bog standard laptop or netbook, especially if you can find a bargain model!


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