We review Pokemon Ruby for the Nintendo DS

If you are looking for a new games for your Nintendo DS then have you sampled the addictive delights of the Pokemon games yet? These role playing games from Nintendo are brilliantly simple, but so immersive. A brilliant starting point in the franchise is Pokemon Ruby, and in this blog we are going to give you our verdict on Pokemon Ruby for the DS.

The Pokemon franchise has been going since 1996, and it started life on the humble Nintendo Game Boy. Since then, the games have been getting more and more impressive, with Pokemon Ruby widely regarded as a stand out title. In the game, you play the role of Ash, a youngster going out to explore the world with his Pokemon. Along the way, you will train your Pokemon into an elite fighting team as you pick up the gym badges that will allow you to try and fight your way to the top of the Pokemon League.

There are literally hundreds of different Pokemon for you to train and catch, so the replay possibilities are huge for this game, and you can even trade your Pokemon over the internet with other gamers. You can also battle against other players locally, so if you have a friend who also plays the game, you are onto a winner.

Buying this game for a decent price is easy these days, and one online retailer is offering the game for just £9 at the moment. You can find it on games-stock.com for this unbelievable price!


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