We review Bully the game, and find out where to get it

If you are a fan of Rockstar's epic Grand Theft Auto series, then have you ever heard of the game Bully? This cool little title passed a lot of people by when it was released for Playstation 2, Wii and Xbox 360, and if you were on of those people, we have put together a guide to Bully the game and where you can pick it up on the cheap, so let's take a look.

Bully caused quite a stir upon it's release as you take on the role of a tough kid parachuted into a prestigious school for youngsters where he sets about causing as much mayhem as possible on his travels. Despite the title, there is little actual bullying to be done, with the main character even saving a few of his classmates from the hands of bullies.

Anyone familiar with Grand Theft Auto will be at home here as missions follow much the same structure, with your character earning rewards and progressing through the game upon finishing them. The game area is also much smaller than GTA, with your character mostly confined to the grounds of his school until the later reaches of the game when you get to explore a small local town too. It is a charming little game that we fell for, and despite the title, it is one that isn't too bad for kids either.

Getting it on the cheap these days is easy too. Right now, amazon.co.uk have the game for an incredible £4 across all the formats it was released for, making it an absolute bargain!


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