We look for the best value for money broadband in Hull

The internet has grown at a much faster rate than anyone could possibly have imagined even twenty short years ago. These days it serves as one of the most integral things in any modern home. It's not only computers that need it nowadays; everything from smartphones to internet tablets to video game consoles to some modern TVs need to be connected around the clock, so it's important that you get the very best deals from your internet service provider.

Hull is fortunate to have a large number of dedicated broadband providers offering some truly outstanding packages for those who want to keep themselves in touch with their friends and family, play the latest video games, or download and watch the latest movies from Netflix or iTunes.

KC Broadband is currently the biggest provider of broadband in the Hull area, and offers the only option available for many people wishing to set up broadband in their homes. They've got some brilliant deals on offer with six different packages to suit everyone's reqruirements. You'll be able to get monthly bandwidth allowances ranging from 5GB up as high as 150GB, so you'll never run out of bandwidth again.

With the excellent Karoo packages from KC, you can pay as little as £8.68 per month for the basic package. This one includes a line speed of up to 24Mbps with a monthly usage cap of 5GB. You'll also get one free email address, free email antivirus and round the clock technical support.

For those of you who want something a little more substantial, their top package, known as Pro 2, is available for £37.75 per month and includes line speeds of up to 24Mbps, monthly usage cap of 150GB, unlimited overnight usage, 50MB personal website, a static IP address, 10 email addresses, free wireless router and round the clock technical support.

For more information check out their website at www.k-c.co.uk today.

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