We like to move it move it

Those lucky enough to be at E3 have managed to get their hands on the new Playstation Move, which from what we can gather appears to be the best of the motion control systems. That’s a fact that will pain Microsoft more than it will Nintendo, The Wii has already carved out a nice chunk of the market for itself, while the Kinect, which Microsoft unveiled earlier this week mostly failed to excite anyone.

Despite looking like a comical sex toy, The Move seem to be both intuitive and responsive and is massively helped by some nice looking games, the highlight of which for us is Socom 4, which is – along with Killzone 3 – is one of the key games in Sony’s exclusives armoury. Some lucky types got their hands on the game, and have been nice enough to us to put some videos up on YouTube of both that and how the system works. Sony 1 – 0 Microsoft.

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