We have seen the future and it stinks

Here at Excite towers, we get a bit bored when people bang on about how it's scary how big Facebook is getting. I mean, yes, one company has unprecedented control over our communication, and, yes, that same company also knows a bewildering amount about us. But it's just the internet, right? No-one really shares anything real on there. There's Facebook, where you waste time, and then there's the pub, where real life happens. Right?

Hmm. Well, maybe we spoke to soon. A recent experiment in Israel saw the line between Facebook's online world and the offline world get crazy-blurred. These lucky teens - all of whom look straight out on an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue - are off to 'Coca-Cola village,' a three-day sugar-pop sponsored theme-park 'experience.' But how can Coca-Cola gain marketing exposure to more than the few hundreds of teenagers who go to the village? Why, Facebook, of course. But how do you make sure the teens 'like' the rides and 'experiences' they enjoy at the Village?

How about giving them all a radio bracelet which automatically 'likes' each attraction on their Facebook profile when they visit it?

Yeah, great! That's not disproportionate and Big Brother-ish and terrifying at all, is it?

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