We find the best value broadband in Ireland

Despite the fact that Ireland currently has one of the poorest broadband infrastructures in the developed world outside of its major metropolitan areas, there are actually some rather reasonable deals to be found by those of you looking to steer clear of the major traditional broadband suppliers.

When it comes to broadband in Ireland you can usually expect to pay through your teeth for the bare minimum in terms of specifications. With eircom, for example, prices start at €39.99 per month for an 8MB connection with just 10GB of monthly usage. While this price might seem reasonable to those who aren't familiar with the alternatives, those of you who are living on homes with multiple internet ready devices will often find that a 10GB usage limit can be nowhere near enough for a whole month.

Fortunately, not everyone is quite as stingy when it comes to their prices and bandwidth allocation. For our money, the very best package available right now in terms of value, comes from Magnet. With deals starting as low as just €49.99 per month, you'll be able to get unlimited bandwidth broadband (that means you can use it as much as you like, to upload and download as many files as you want over the course of a month without being hit with additional charges) on an 8MB line.

If you want something faster, you can upgrade the line speed to up to 24MB for an additional €10, making the cost just €59.99 per month for the very best broadband the country has to offer.

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