We check out whether the Apple iPad is right for you

If the iPad revolution has passed you by thus far, and you are wondering whether Apple's new gorgeous gadget is for you, then in this blog we are going to check out what you can expect to get if you pick up an Apple iPad. So let's check it out!

Since launching in 2010, the Apple iPad has revolutionised the world of tablet computers, making what was previously seen as a niche market into a market leader, threatening to eclipse the sales of established laptops and netbooks. If you think of the iPad as a giant iPhone, you won't be going far wrong. It has front and rear cameras allowing you to conduct video calls with people you know.

It is powered by Apple's revolutionary A5 dual core chip. This chip leads to a longer battery life, and smooth and silky performance when you multi-task. It can handle any app you throw at it. Speaking of apps, you'll have full access to the all encompassing Apple App store with hundreds of thousands of apps ready to download instantly.

We previously mentioned battery life, and the iPad 2 has a whopper of a battery. You can expect to get ten hours of battery from a single charge, meaning long haul flights can be handled with ease thanks to the efficient A5 Chip.

Buying an iPad is simple, Apple have the full range to select from on their website at store.apple.com/uk. Prices range from £399 for their most basic model. So if it sounds like something you might be interested in, pick one up today!


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