We check out where you can buy a high power electric bike

With fuel prices continuing to rise unabated and traffic congestion getting worse than ever before, many people are beginning to look for alternatives to car based travel. While there are some who have made the move to motorbikes and mopeds, they are still likely to face much the same problems in terms of expense and traffic as the rest of us, so what other options are there?

You could take public transport, but that won't help you when it comes to beating the traffic, and you'll also find yourself become a slave to the bus or train schedules, completely forsaking your freedom in order to save some money. It's certainly an option for those of us who live in cities, but it's still not ideal.

One solution that we quite like the look of is buying a brand new electric bike. It might sound like a pie in the sky solution but the fact of the matter is that the technology behind these bikes has improved a hell of a lot over the past few years, and they now represent a real alternative for anyone who wants to change the way they commute.

Not only will you be able to beat the traffic, but you'll also be able to get fit in the process. And if you find yourself struggling due to hilly terrain or windy weather, you can just switch on the electric engine and you'll have all the help in the world.

At the excellent hi-poweredcycles.com you'll find an impressive range of high power electric bikes on offer. Although they might seem a little pricey, starting as they do at around $1,600, you have to consider the benefits. For example you'll never need to pay for car tax or insurance again, and you can forget about your weekly fill of petrol. In no time at all you'll be saving yourself considerable money, and isn't that what we all want?

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