We can rebuild it

Of all the problems with the iPhone 4 that get on our wick the most, it has to be the battery life and the sheer number of times calls cut out because of dodgy reception. Although we bitch and complain about how restrictive Apple make their products, we can at least see that in general they are well designed and are technically impressive accomplishments.

However, the iPhone 4 though is a joke. It’s all very well and good getting the sleek design down right, but if you can get the basic functions working then what’s the point? Not that it matters of course, as there are enough mugs who’ll shell out silly money for the sake of having the Apple logo.

Anyway, if you have bought the iPhone 4 and you want to sort out the battery life and reception, you could do a lot worse than the Mophie Juice Pack Air, which for $79.99 (£52) will add up to six hours of talk time to the device. It’s basically an external battery in the form of a metal case, which you slip around the iPhone, adding a tiny bit to the size. It’s not cheap, and you’re only getting it in black, but it might just be worth the dosh.

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