We Are Family

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and right now, while we in Britain slog on with our usual routines, in America people are flying thousands of miles to visit their families.

So it's appropriate that global PC giant Acer chose this week to launch what it calls 'an entire family' of Android tablets.

Yes, Acer may have been beaten to the Android tablet game by rival Samsung, but it is making up for lost time. It announced not one, not two, but three new Android tablets at its event yesterday: a 10-inch iPad rival, a 7-inch Galaxy Tab rival, and a 4.8-incher that's to be marketed as a smartphone/tablet combo for those with big pockets. Combine these with their already-released 'Liquid Metal' 3.6-inch smartphone and you really have a 'whole family,' or to put it another way, a fragmented, confusing range. But hey! Choice is good, right?

And there's more! Can you take it? OK. Not content with offering a total of four different sizes of Android tablet, Acer also revealed a 10-incher running Windows 7, putting it in competition with the likes of HP's Slate, too.

But that's not all! I know, right? Thrills. Acer didn't leave out laptop lovers, but sprinkled a bit of touch magic on the old laptop model with their weird 'Iconia' two-screen laptop. It has a touchscreen instead of a keyboard, giving you all sorts of crazy control over web pages and loads of screen space, although we wouldn't want to write a book on it.

OHMYGODTHERE'SMORE! OK, well, this last bit is slightly less exciting, but hey, we've come this far, right? Acer also showed off a new version of its 'Clear.fi' content sharing system, which lets you beam media around the various devices in your house; and a new 'Alive' content store, which sounds a lot like Apple's App Store for Acer smartphones and PCs.

That's it! That's all. Phew. We're exhausted. Time to have a lie down and work out how we're going to afford to buy all this stuff...

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