Wave is dead. Long live, er, 'Google Docs Discussions'

Hey, remember Google Wave? It was the most exciting thing ever for a while in 2009, then everyone realised they didn't know what it was for, and then it kind of faded away and Google killed it. But it's back! Sort of.

Now, strictly Google Wave has never gone away: you can still send and receive waves at wave.google.com, and the open-source community is hard at work producing the 'Wave in a Box' product that will ultimately carry the service on to a post-Google future. But let's be honest - no-one but hardcore nerds is going to use that. Wave's mainstream future always lay in Google's promise to use the technologies that made it tick in their other services in various smart ways.

And now we've seen the first real fruits of that - a new 'discussions' feature in Google Docs. If you're using Google Docs to collaborate with colleagues on a document - and don't forget, many businesses nowadays use Google Apps as their main software - it lets you have rich, IM-like conversations about the document that integrate with your email account and include lots of the nifty features of Google Wave - plus a nifty new '@' figure for quickly adding new people into the conversation. It's hard to explain, but it looks kinda amazing, so have a look at the video below.

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